Uncertain times in which knowing how to reinvent yourself is the basis of “knowing how to be.” To combine work with a passion cultivated over the years is a need for many in recent times. We need to slow down and return to the simple and the most authentic things. Adornos comes from the embrace of two bodies and four friends who have always listened to their imagination without too many fears: the wing of an abandoned school is transformed into the laboratory. We start from scratch, but …

Ideas , sketches, steel baths and precious metals begin to take shape in our hands and give life to handcrafted jewelry that tell the history, culture, and hugs the steps of the tango, the passion from which the idea was born: so it leaves room for the imagination to reality, and in a short time Adornos becomes a brand known and appreciated by many.

Guest and testimonials of the most prestigious Tango Festival in Italy, Adornos exhibits their creations, and tries to convey with each piece its originality and the value that the handmade jewelry encompasses: from L’Aquila to Cagliari, from Sorrento to Sanremo, in Italy and then throughout most of Seville, London, Washington … Adornos has come a long way in just two years, longer than expected, and extends today its production to other everyday objects, such as kitchen utensils and eclectic lamps designs, recovering materials for antiques, unique items, and making them alive again through new uses and experiments.

– Artistic Tanguera Jewelry –