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orecchini corazon small

Stainless steel earrings dipped in white or yellow gold.

Understated, elegant and original at the same time. The earrings Corazon combine well with any outfit… especially with those of the tango!

Completely-allergenic and hand-made in Chieti, Italy by the tangueros artisans of Adornos.

Dimensions: 3 x 2.53 cm ( 1.18″ x 1″ )

LAST ITEM AVAILABLE IN WHITE: [p_cart_button name=”Corazon small earrings White” price=”120.00″ shipping=”5.00“] $120.00  + shipping

LAST ITEM AVAILABLE IN YELLOW: [p_cart_button name=”Corazon small earrings Yellow” price=”120.00″ shipping=”5.00“] $120.00 + shipping

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